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You can change your Web template in the layout and design it as you like.


Arranging Web Items on the Page 

  • You can change the size of the placeholders. You can see what effect resizing a Web item in a Web application has by looking at the values, shown in the XHTML view by the parameters Height and Width for the corresponding Web item.
  • You can align the Web items horizontally.
    • Choose Format → Align Left in the menu bar of the Web Application Designer, to left justify the Web item.
    • Choose Format → Align Right in the menu bar of the Web Application Designer, to right justify the Web item.
    • Choose Format → Align Center in the menu bar of the Web Application Designer, to center the Web item.
  • To change the position of the Web items in the Web template, drag a Web item to the required position using drag and drop.
  • To place several Web items next to each other you have to take the width of the Web template into account. If the Web Template is wide enough for a second Web item, this is positioned to the right of the first Web item because the Web browser breaks up pages according to standard HTML.

Arranging Web Items Using an HTML Table

You can use an HTML table to arrange Web items optimally next to and below one another. You can apply this grid as required.

  1. Choose Table → Insert Table in the menu bar of the Web Application Designer.
  2. Set up the table according to your settings and requirements.
  3. Choose OK. The table is inserted into the Web template.
  4. You can drag different Web items into the individual table cells, depending on whether you want to arrange your Web items horizontally or vertically.

Enhancing Web Templates with Texts

As well as inserting and arranging Web items, you can also enhance your Web template with texts, which you can format.

  1. Place the cursor on a position in the Web template and enter a text.
  2. You format it by selecting the text passage and choosing one of the following options from the menu bar (Format menu) or the Format toolbar of the Web Application Designer.
    • Fonts
    • Font size
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Align left
    • Align right
    • Align center
    • Text color
    • Background color of text

Enhancing Web Templates with Images

In addition to inserting and arranging Web items and texts, you can attach images, such as company logos, to your Web templates. These images are stored in the MIME Repository on the BW server. The system supports GIF, JPG, and BMP formats.

  1. Position the cursor where you want to insert an image into the Web template.
  2. Choose Insert → Image and select the image file.

For more information, see Context Menu in Web Templates .