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You can use the Get Entries function to display information about processing documents. You can check the following:

  • Have all documents been processed?
  • Are there documents for which a processing step has been repeated several times or even failed?


You select the documents to be displayed usingfilters. A table then displays the following information for each document:

Information Purpose

Doc ID

Document ID

Last Change of Doc State

Time at which the status of the document last changed.


Specifies whether the document was inserted into the index (Index) or removed from the index (Deindex).

Document States

Currentstatus of the document

Return Code

Return value that the index server sends to the queue server. Meaning:

  • Return value = 0

    The current processing step was successful.

  • Return value <> 0

    An error occurred.

Retries, Preprocess Retries, Index Retries, Opt Retries

Number of repeats for individual processing steps.

A repeat may have the following causes:

  • An overloaded network is preventing documents from being transmitted.
  • A TREX server is temporarily unavailable.

If the number of retries is large, there is probably an error that is preventing the processing of the document in general.

Doc Size (Bytes)

Size of the internal document held by the queue server. The internal document includes text content, document attributes, technical attributes, administration information, and so on.

If the document size is 0 an error has occurred.