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If the connection test fails when you create an RFC destination or search server relation, check the following:

  • Gateway
  • RFC destination
  • TREX configuration

Checking the Gateway


  1. Check that the process gwrd is running:

    ps -fu <gwsadm> | grep gwrd

  2. Check whether the group to which the user <gwsadm> belongs has the access permission rwx for the directory /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/TRX<instance_number>.

With Windows

  1. Use the Task Manager to check whether the process gwrd.exe is running.
  2. Check the settings of the gateway service. To do this, choose the following paths:
    • Windows 2000: Start → Settings → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services.
    • Windows Server 2003: Start → Administrative Tools → Services.

    Start the service SAPGWS_<SAPSYSNR> if it is not already running. If necessary, change the start type of the service so that it starts automatically.

  3. Open the SAP Management Console by choosing Start  →   Programs  or All Programs →   SAP System Management Console. Check whether the gateway instance has started. If necessary, start the gateway instance using Action  → Start.

Checking an RFC destination:

Check the data that you entered when you created the RFC destination. Pay attention to lowercase and uppercase letters in the input parameters.

Checking the TREX Configuration

Check the gateway parameters in the file <TREX_DIR>/<TREX_host_name>/TREXRfcServer.ini:

  • Is the host name of the host on which the gateway is installed correct?
  • Does the instance number match the number you specified during the gateway installation?





The values for the parameters HOST and INSTANCE must be entered in lower case.