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In the Space user menu of the DBA Cockpit, you can find, among other things, comprehensive display and administration options for the data area.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and choose Start of the navigation path Space Next navigation step Data Area End of the navigation path.


For SAP NetWeaver 7.1, this status information is displayed in the Data Area or Volumes menu, which is different from the menu described below.


The display contains the following information and administration options:

  • Display / Configuration of data volumes

    Total size of the data area in the unit of measurement that you specified and other configuration information

  • Show/hide utilization details

    You can show or hide the following details about the utilization of the data area:

    • Occupiable Area, Occupied Area (Actually Occupied Space in Data Area), Free Area

    • Permanently occupied area (SQL data; for SAP liveCache technology, also OMS data and references to undo log entries)

    • Temporarily occupied area (for SAP liveCache technology, this also includes, for example, data that belongs to consistent views and was displaced from the OMS heap)

    • Size of an incremental backup (specifies how many pages an incremental data backup would consist of at this point in time)

    • Shadow area

  • Show/hide data volumes

    You can show or hide the following displays and change options for the data volumes:

    • Display of data volumes (size, type, device/path and file name, occupation and access information and so on)

    • Add, change or delete data volumes

      Select Add Volume/Change Volume/Delete Volume and enter the required information where prompted. Creating a new volume might take some time, as the new volume has to be formatted.

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