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Web templates are used to define the structure of Web applications. Using the Web Application Designer, you can insert placeholders for Web Items , Data Providers and Commands into an XHTML document. The XHTML document with the BW-specific placeholders is called a Web template and can be edited in the Web Application Designer. The HTML page that is displayed in the Internet browser is called a Web application. Depending on which Web items you have inserted into the Web template, a Web application can contain one or more tables, charts, maps, dropdown boxes and so on.


A Web template is the keystone of a Web application and contains placeholders for Web items, data providers and commands. For the Web application, the place holder is filled during runtime and Web items, data providers and commands are generated.

In the Web template, you determine from which data provider and it what way (Web items) the BW data is displayed. You also determine which additional operations are possible (commands).

When a request is sent from a Web application to the application server for ABAP, a Template object is generated from which the structure of the requested XHTML page is derived. The following objects are generated on the basis of this Template:

  • Data Providers
  • Web Item

You create Web templates on the application server for ABAP.

The executed Web applications are started and displayed in the portal, which in turn runs in a Web browser.


The following is an example of a simple Web template with the navigation pane and analysis Web items:

<bi:bisp  xmlns="" xmlns:bi="" xmlns:jsp="" >



<title >BEx Web Application</title>

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />


<body >



<bi:ERRORS_VISIBLE value="X" />




<bi:INITIAL_STATE type="CHOICE" value="QUERY" >

<bi:QUERY value="MY_FIRST_QUERY" text="Type" />




<bi:NAVIGATION_PANE_ITEM name="NAVIGATION_PANE_ITEM_1" designwidth="240" designheight="300" >


<bi:HEIGHT value="300" />

<bi:WIDTH value="240" />



<bi:ANALYSIS_ITEM name="ANALYSIS_ITEM_1" designwidth="400" designheight="300" >


<bi:HEIGHT value="300" />

<bi:WIDTH value="400" />