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 Implicit Enhancement Options in ABAP Source CodeLocate this document in the navigation structure

Implicit enhancement options always exist and they are not assigned to an enhancement spot .


The implicit enhancement options can be displayed in the ABAP Editor by following the path: Edit → Enhancement Operations → Show Implicit Enhancement Options, and then enhanced using source code plug-ins .

 In ABAP programs, implicit enhancement options are predefined at the following places:

  • At the end of an include. There are some restrictions, for example, not at the end of a method include.
  • At the end of a PUBLIC- , PROTECTED- , PRIVATE-SECTION of a local class.
  • At the end of the implementation part of a class (before the ENDCLASS , which belongs to CLASS … IMPLEMENTATION ).
  • At the end of an interface definition (before the ENDINTERFACE ).
  • At the end of a structure definition (before TYPES END OF , DATA END OF , CONSTANTS END OF , and STATICS END OF ).
  • At the beginning and at the end of a procedure ( FORM , FUNCTION , METHOD ). That is, after commands FORM , FUNCTION , and METHOD , and before statements ENDFORM , ENDFUNCTION , and ENDMETHOD .
  • At the end of the CHANGING- , IMPORTING- , EXPORTING- parameter list of a method in a local class. These enhancement options are located in the middle of a statement.
  • Before the first and after the last line of a source text plug-in (after ENHANCEMENT and before ENDENHANCEMENT).