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Web application design, with the BEx Web Application Designer as its main tool, allows you to use generic OLAP navigation for your BW data in Web applications for simple through to highly customized scenarios. You can use standard markup languages and Web Design API to implement highly customized scenarios with user-defined interface elements. Web application design incorporates a broad spectrum of Web-based business intelligence scenarios, which you can adjust to meet your individual needs using standard Web technologies.
This document is intended for Web designers who want to create highly-specialized applications on the basis of Web application design.
You can access BW data in Web applications using a Web browser. This is usually installed with the operating system . No additional software installation is required.

The Web Design API provides the following functions:

  • Creating commands for data providers, planning applications, Web items and Web templates.
  • Parameterization of Web items
  • The main tool for generating the commands is the Command Wizard of the BEx Web Application Designer (see Commands ). The Command Wizard enables you to easily create commands using a step-by-step procedure.