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Modifying the Configuration File of the Apache Web ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Apache Web server has a central configuration file called httpd.conf that contains all configuration information. To configure the Apache Web server for SSL, modify this configuration file.

Then enter the following information into httpd.conf:

  • Certificate of the Web Server

    Enter the path to the files that contain the private key of the Web server, the server certificate, and the root certificate of the CA.

  • Owner and Issuer of the Client Certificate (TREX Java Client)

    The owner and issuer of the certificate that belongs to the Java client. The Web server can authenticate the Java client using this information.


You have made the following files available:

  • The private key of the Web server (serveru.key)
  • The server certificate of the Web server that the certification authority (CA) issued (serveru.crt)
  • The CA root certificate in the form CERTIFICATE_AUTHORITY.crt (ca.crt)

    Below, the root certificate of your CA is referred to as ca.crt. Enter the valid root certificate of your CA in all places where ca.crt appears.

Storage Locations for Certificates and Keys

The files are stored in the following directories.

Certificate/Key Directory








  • You have provided the certificates for the Java client (see Providing the Certificates for the Java Client). The information on the owner (DN) and issuer (issuerDN) of the certificate that belongs to the Java client can be obtained from the SAP NetWeaverAdministrator. You then enter the owner and issuer into the httpd.conf configuration file.