Start Level 1 Node: InterfacesInterfacesEnd Level 1 Node: Interfaces
   Start Level 1 Node: Quick Reference: Interface OverviewQuick Reference: Interface OverviewEnd Level 1 Node: Quick Reference: Interface Overview
      Start Level 2 Node: Interfaces for Data WarehousingInterfaces for Data WarehousingEnd Level 2 Node: Interfaces for Data Warehousing
         Start Level 3 Node: DB ConnectDB ConnectEnd Level 3 Node: DB Connect
         Start Level 3 Node: UD ConnectUD ConnectEnd Level 3 Node: UD Connect
         Start Level 3 Node: API ServiceAPI ServiceEnd Level 3 Node: API Service
         Start Level 3 Node: File InterfaceFile InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: File Interface
         Start Level 3 Node: Web Service for StagingWeb Service for StagingEnd Level 3 Node: Web Service for Staging
         Start Level 3 Node: XI IntegrationXI IntegrationEnd Level 3 Node: XI Integration
         Start Level 3 Node: Staging BAPIsStaging BAPIsEnd Level 3 Node: Staging BAPIs
         Start Level 3 Node: DataStore Object APIsDataStore Object APIsEnd Level 3 Node: DataStore Object APIs
         Start Level 3 Node: Interface for Real-Time InfoCubesInterface for Real-Time InfoCubesEnd Level 3 Node: Interface for Real-Time InfoCubes
         Start Level 3 Node: Export DataSourceExport DataSourceEnd Level 3 Node: Export DataSource
         Start Level 3 Node: APIs for Master DataAPIs for Master DataEnd Level 3 Node: APIs for Master Data
         Start Level 3 Node: APIs for HierarchiesAPIs for HierarchiesEnd Level 3 Node: APIs for Hierarchies
         Start Level 3 Node: VirtualProviders with Function ModulesVirtualProviders with Function ModulesEnd Level 3 Node: VirtualProviders with Function Modules
         Start Level 3 Node: Open Hub DestinationOpen Hub DestinationEnd Level 3 Node: Open Hub Destination
         Start Level 3 Node: Open Hub Destination APIsOpen Hub Destination APIsEnd Level 3 Node: Open Hub Destination APIs
         Start Level 3 Node: Data Mart InterfaceData Mart InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Data Mart Interface
      Start Level 2 Node: Interfaces in the Analytic ServerInterfaces in the Analytic ServerEnd Level 2 Node: Interfaces in the Analytic Server
         Start Level 3 Node: OLE DB for OLAPOLE DB for OLAPEnd Level 3 Node: OLE DB for OLAP
         Start Level 3 Node: OLAP BAPIsOLAP BAPIsEnd Level 3 Node: OLAP BAPIs
         Start Level 3 Node: XML for AnalysisXML for AnalysisEnd Level 3 Node: XML for Analysis
         Start Level 3 Node: Analysis Process DesignerAnalysis Process DesignerEnd Level 3 Node: Analysis Process Designer
         Start Level 3 Node: Data FederatorData FederatorEnd Level 3 Node: Data Federator
      Start Level 2 Node: Interfaces for SAP Business ExplorerInterfaces for SAP Business ExplorerEnd Level 2 Node: Interfaces for SAP Business Explorer
         Start Level 3 Node: Web Design API:Web Design API:End Level 3 Node: Web Design API:
         Start Level 3 Node: Visual ComposerVisual ComposerEnd Level 3 Node: Visual Composer
         Start Level 3 Node: BEx Application as an iView in the PortalBEx Application as an iView in the PortalEnd Level 3 Node: BEx Application as an iView in the Portal
         Start Level 3 Node: BEx Applications as Callable Object in Guided ProceduresBEx Applications as Callable Object in Guided ProceduresEnd Level 3 Node: BEx Applications as Callable Object in Guided Procedures
         Start Level 3 Node: BI Java SDKBI Java SDKEnd Level 3 Node: BI Java SDK
   Start Level 1 Node: Interfaces in the Analytic ServerInterfaces in the Analytic ServerEnd Level 1 Node: Interfaces in the Analytic Server
      Start Level 2 Node: Open Analysis InterfacesOpen Analysis InterfacesEnd Level 2 Node: Open Analysis Interfaces
         Start Level 3 Node: Standard InterfacesStandard InterfacesEnd Level 3 Node: Standard Interfaces
            Start Level 4 Node: MDX as Basis for the InterfacesMDX as Basis for the InterfacesEnd Level 4 Node: MDX as Basis for the Interfaces
            Start Level 4 Node: Mapping MetadataMapping MetadataEnd Level 4 Node: Mapping Metadata
               Start Level 5 Node: Examples for CALCULATED MEMBERExamples for CALCULATED MEMBEREnd Level 5 Node: Examples for CALCULATED MEMBER
            Start Level 4 Node: MDX LevelingMDX LevelingEnd Level 4 Node: MDX Leveling
            Start Level 4 Node: SAP VariablesSAP VariablesEnd Level 4 Node: SAP Variables
               Start Level 5 Node: BW Specific Enhancement: Schema Rowset SAP VARIABLESBW Specific Enhancement: Schema Rowset SAP VARIABLESEnd Level 5 Node: BW Specific Enhancement: Schema Rowset SAP VARIABLES
               Start Level 5 Node: BW-Specific Enhancement: MDX SyntaxBW-Specific Enhancement: MDX SyntaxEnd Level 5 Node: BW-Specific Enhancement: MDX Syntax
            Start Level 4 Node: OLAP BAPIOLAP BAPIEnd Level 4 Node: OLAP BAPI
               Start Level 5 Node: MDDataProvider BWMDDataProvider BWEnd Level 5 Node: MDDataProvider BW
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetCatalogsMDDataProviderBW.GetCatalogsEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetCatalogs
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetCubesMDDataProviderBW.GetCubesEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetCubes
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetDimensionsMDDataProviderBW.GetDimensionsEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetDimensions
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetHierarchiesMDDataProviderBW.GetHierarchiesEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetHierarchies
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetLevelsMDDataProviderBW.GetLevelsEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetLevels
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetMeasuresMDDataProviderBW.GetMeasuresEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetMeasures
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetMembersMDDataProviderBW.GetMembersEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetMembers
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetPropertiesMDDataProviderBW.GetPropertiesEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetProperties
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetVariablesMDDataProviderBW.GetVariablesEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataProviderBW.GetVariables
               Start Level 5 Node: MDDataSetBWMDDataSetBWEnd Level 5 Node: MDDataSetBW
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.CheckSyntaxMDDataSetBW.CheckSyntaxEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.CheckSyntax
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.CreateObjectMDDataSetBW.CreateObjectEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.CreateObject
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.DeleteObjectMDDataSetBW.DeleteObjectEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.DeleteObject
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.FindCellMDDataSetBW.FindCellEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.FindCell
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.FindTupleMDDataSetBW.FindTupleEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.FindTuple
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.GetAxisDataMDDataSetBW.GetAxisDataEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.GetAxisData
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.GetAxisInfoMDDataSetBW.GetAxisInfoEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.GetAxisInfo
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.GetCellDataMDDataSetBW.GetCellDataEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.GetCellData
                  Start Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.SelectDataMDDataSetBW.SelectDataEnd Level 6 Node: MDDataSetBW.SelectData
               Start Level 5 Node: ParametersParametersEnd Level 5 Node: Parameters
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: AllPropertiesImport Parameter: AllPropertiesEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: AllProperties
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: LvLNumberImport Parameter: LvLNumberEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: LvLNumber
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Character: MemTypeImport Character: MemTypeEnd Level 6 Node: Import Character: MemType
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: RestrictionsImport Parameter: RestrictionsEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: Restrictions
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: SelectedPropertiesImport Parameter: SelectedPropertiesEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: SelectedProperties
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: TreeopImport Parameter: TreeopEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: Treeop
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AggrExceptionalExport Parameter: AggrExceptionalEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AggrExceptional
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: CatalogsExport Parameter: CatalogsEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Catalogs
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameters: CubesExport Parameters: CubesEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameters: Cubes
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: DimensionsExport Parameter: DimensionsEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Dimensions
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: HierarchiesExport Parameter: HierarchiesEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Hierarchies
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: LevelsExport Parameter: LevelsEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Levels
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: MeasuresExport Parameter: MeasuresEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Measures
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: MembersExport Parameter: MembersEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Members
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: OptionalPropertiesExport Parameter: OptionalPropertiesEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: OptionalProperties
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: PropertiesExport Parameter: PropertiesEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Properties
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: VariablesExport Parameter: VariablesEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Variables
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: CmdImport Parameter: CmdEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: Cmd
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: CmdParamsImport Parameter: CmdParamsEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: CmdParams
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter CommandTextImport Parameter CommandTextEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter CommandText
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: MembersImport Parameter: MembersEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: Members
                  Start Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: TraceImport Parameter: TraceEnd Level 6 Node: Import Parameter: Trace
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AxisDimensionsExport Parameter: AxisDimensionsEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AxisDimensions
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AxisInfoExport Parameter: AxisInfoEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AxisInfo
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AxisLevelsExport Parameter: AxisLevelsEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: AxisLevels
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: CellDataExport Parameter: CellDataEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: CellData
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: DataExport Parameter: DataEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Data
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: DimPrptysExport Parameter: DimPrptysEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: DimPrptys
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: FltcolinfoExport Parameter: FltcolinfoEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Fltcolinfo
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: MndtryPrptysExport Parameter: MndtryPrptysEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: MndtryPrptys
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: OptionPrptysKeysExport Parameter: OptionPrptysKeysEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: OptionPrptysKeys
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: OptionPrptysValsExport Parameter: OptionPrptysValsEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: OptionPrptysVals
                  Start Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: ReturnExport Parameter: ReturnEnd Level 6 Node: Export Parameter: Return
               Start Level 5 Node: Error HandlingError HandlingEnd Level 5 Node: Error Handling
            Start Level 4 Node: OLE DB for OLAPOLE DB for OLAPEnd Level 4 Node: OLE DB for OLAP
               Start Level 5 Node: Integration and InstallationIntegration and InstallationEnd Level 5 Node: Integration and Installation
                  Start Level 6 Node: Installing Frontend ComponentsInstalling Frontend ComponentsEnd Level 6 Node: Installing Frontend Components
               Start Level 5 Node: OLE DB for OLAP ProvidersOLE DB for OLAP ProvidersEnd Level 5 Node: OLE DB for OLAP Providers
                  Start Level 6 Node: Microsoft Excel 2007Microsoft Excel 2007End Level 6 Node: Microsoft Excel 2007
                     Start Level 7 Node: Connecting Microsoft Excel 2007 to a BW SystemConnecting Microsoft Excel 2007 to a BW SystemEnd Level 7 Node: Connecting Microsoft Excel 2007 to a BW System
                  Start Level 6 Node: Using OLE DB for OLAP ProvidersUsing OLE DB for OLAP ProvidersEnd Level 6 Node: Using OLE DB for OLAP Providers
            Start Level 4 Node: XML for AnalysisXML for AnalysisEnd Level 4 Node: XML for Analysis
            Start Level 4 Node: MDX Test EnvironmentMDX Test EnvironmentEnd Level 4 Node: MDX Test Environment
               Start Level 5 Node: Executing an MDX StatementExecuting an MDX StatementEnd Level 5 Node: Executing an MDX Statement
         Start Level 3 Node: Web Service InterfaceWeb Service InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Web Service Interface
            Start Level 4 Node: Managing Easy QueriesManaging Easy QueriesEnd Level 4 Node: Managing Easy Queries
               Start Level 5 Node: Easy Query APIEasy Query APIEnd Level 5 Node: Easy Query API
               Start Level 5 Node: Example: Easy Query APIExample: Easy Query APIEnd Level 5 Node: Example: Easy Query API
      Start Level 2 Node: Relational InterfaceRelational InterfaceEnd Level 2 Node: Relational Interface
         Start Level 3 Node: Data FederatorData FederatorEnd Level 3 Node: Data Federator
            Start Level 4 Node: Using Queries as InfoProvidersUsing Queries as InfoProvidersEnd Level 4 Node: Using Queries as InfoProviders
      Start Level 2 Node: Integration with SAP BusinessObjectsIntegration with SAP BusinessObjectsEnd Level 2 Node: Integration with SAP BusinessObjects
   Start Level 1 Node: BI Java SDKBI Java SDKEnd Level 1 Node: BI Java SDK
      Start Level 2 Node: Business ScenarioBusiness ScenarioEnd Level 2 Node: Business Scenario
      Start Level 2 Node: Components of the SDKComponents of the SDKEnd Level 2 Node: Components of the SDK
      Start Level 2 Node: Architectural OverviewArchitectural OverviewEnd Level 2 Node: Architectural Overview
      Start Level 2 Node: Open Standards in the SDKOpen Standards in the SDKEnd Level 2 Node: Open Standards in the SDK
         Start Level 3 Node: The J2EE Platform and SAP NetWeaverThe J2EE Platform and SAP NetWeaverEnd Level 3 Node: The J2EE Platform and SAP NetWeaver
         Start Level 3 Node: Common Warehouse MetamodelCommon Warehouse MetamodelEnd Level 3 Node: Common Warehouse Metamodel
         Start Level 3 Node: Java Metadata InterfaceJava Metadata InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Java Metadata Interface
         Start Level 3 Node: Java Database ConnectivityJava Database ConnectivityEnd Level 3 Node: Java Database Connectivity
         Start Level 3 Node: Meta Object FacilityMeta Object FacilityEnd Level 3 Node: Meta Object Facility
         Start Level 3 Node: XML Metadata InterchangeXML Metadata InterchangeEnd Level 3 Node: XML Metadata Interchange
      Start Level 2 Node: BI Java ConnectorBI Java ConnectorEnd Level 2 Node: BI Java Connector
         Start Level 3 Node: Configuring BI Java ConnectorConfiguring BI Java ConnectorEnd Level 3 Node: Configuring BI Java Connector
         Start Level 3 Node: BI JDBC ConnectorBI JDBC ConnectorEnd Level 3 Node: BI JDBC Connector