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Scheduling Check ProgramsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You choose an execution time for the check programs. The check types (sometimes grouped) that are connected to a job type are executed.


As an alternative, you can also schedule and start report RSCONTENT_ANALYSIS_FRAME_START.


You must have already made the corresponding settings. More information:Important Default Settings.

  1. On the main menu, choose Settings → Start Check Reports

    The Customizing View for BI Content Analyzer Checks view is displayed.

  2. First make general settings in the following fields
    • Logical System: Enter the BW system that you want the job to run in.
    • Job Name: Select a job name. In input help (F4), the jobs are displayed that you determined in the settings (seeDetermining Check Execution).
    • RFC Destination: If you want to use a connected BW system for the check programs other than the one entered into the Logical System field, enter the system's RFC destination. You can find the name of the system connected to the RFC destinations in input help (F4).

      However, only RFC destinations are allowed that were originally created as a dialog RFC connection. The RFC user has to be a Dialog User. Otherwise there will be an error message.


      If you want to include other systems using their RFC destinations, their priorities for check categories are important to the check programs, not those of the logical system (seeSetting Priorities) that you made the settings for. You can either transport these settings into the included target systems or maintain them manually.

  3. Then define the following in the Start Time Values:
    • Immediate start
    • Date/Time: Enter the exact or latest possible execution date.
    • By Job: Enter the name of the job that has to be finished before the background control processes your job.
    • By Event:
      • Event: Enter the event name that you want the job to be connected with. You can specify predefined events for SAP applications or SAP system kernels, or you can specify events that have been defined manually. You can find out which SAP events you can use by looking in the documentation for SAP applications.
      • Parameter: If an event requires a parameter, enter the parameter in this field. To determine whether an event displays a parameter, see the relevant SAP application in the documentation.
    • Execute Job Periodically:Activate this field to schedule the job whenever an event occurs.