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 Create Monitoring Properties Variant


A monitoring properties variant is a collection of settings for one or more monitoring tree elements (MTEs) in the Alert Monitor. If you activate a properties variant, you can use the settings saved in it in the Alert Monitor.

You can define multiple properties variants with different settings for the same MTEs or MTE classes. You can also transport properties variants. You can define your own strategies for system monitoring based on these properties.


Creating a Variant

  1. Start the Customizing transaction by choosing CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.
  2. To create a properties variant, choose Properties → Variants → Create. Enter a name and a description for the variant, and specify the superordinate variant (parent variant), whose values are to be used if the new variant does not contain a specific value for an MTE class. Enter the person responsible for the variant under Owner. If you are using variants from third party suppliers, the vendor's name is displayed under Owner.
  3. Choose Save. The system returns you to the initial screen of transaction RZ21.

Assigning Objects

Assign objects (MTE classes, attribute groups, or individual MTEs from the monitoring tree) to your new properties variant. All of these objects should follow the same monitoring strategy:

  1. Select a object type in the Properties group box in transaction RZ21, and choose Display Overview, to display a list of objects.
  2. Select the objects that you want to include in the properties variant, and choose List → Select Entries → To Variant
  3. The system displays a dialog box in which you select the properties variant to which you want to copy the object settings.
  4. If you want to change the settings for the object, switch to change mode by choosing Display « Change (). The changes are stored in the properties variant to which you have assigned the object. Your changes are active as soon as you activate the variant (see Activating Monitoring Properties Variants).

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