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Finding Transports (Integration Builder)Locate this document in the navigation structure


This function enables you to display Integration Directory transports (exports or imports).


Search Requirements

Criterion Use


Specifies whether imports or exports are to be displayed


Restricts display to user who executed the export or import


Restricts display to a specific period

You can make the following specifications in the advanced search criteria:

  • Source System. The source system is displayed in the Integration Builder title bar. Example: ld0050_Y6D_50.
  • Transport ID is only relevant for SAP Support.
  • Object ID and Object Version ID, to search for transports containing an object.

Transport Display

The transports are shown in a table in the Search Result frame. The various columns contain the most important information about each transport, for example direction, source system, and user. The Type column shows whether you are dealing with a file system transport or a CMS transport. For more details, call the context menu in the table.

  1. To call the function, in the Integration Builder menu bar, choose Tools → Find Transports…
  2. Enter your search requirements and choose Search.
  3. To display the details for a particular transport, double-click the relevant line. This opens a Display Transport tab page with two further tab pages containing the following information:
    • The attributes for the transport
    • The objects that have been transported. If the transport was not to delete the object, you can navigate directly from the object list to the configuration object concerned.