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 Reorganizing Completed Alerts


When you complete an alert, the Alert Monitor saves it in the alert database. You can call up completed alerts by showing the alert history.

To avoid the completed alerts occupying too much space in the database, the Alert Monitor monitors the occupied space. If threshold values are exceeded, the Alert Monitor triggers an alert. The relevant object is called AlertsInDB and is in the SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors monitor set, in the CCMS Selfmonitoring monitor.


You can reorganize the completed alerts using the analysis method for AlertsInDB. The method deletes older alerts that match your specifications and reduced the space occupied in the database. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20.
  2. Expand the SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors monitor set, place the cursor on the CCMS Selfmonitoring monitor, and choose Start Monitor.
  3. Expand the alert monitoring tree. You will find the monitoring object for which you are looking under CCMS_Selfmonitoring → Runtime → AlertsInDB. Select the object and choose Start Analysis Method.
  4. Specify the date and time from which completed alerts are to be deleted.

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