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The CCMS System Component Repository (SCR) is automatically updated when the system is restarted. However, you can also update the SCR manually.


Choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.

Choose Technical Infrastructure → System Repository → Update (locally). This function schedules the job CCMS_LOAD_REPOSITORY_LOCDATA, which fills or updates the SCR. You must specify in a dialog box when the job should be scheduled and whether the job should run once or periodically. After you have scheduled the job, it runs using your authorizations.


If the job CCMS_LOAD_REPOSITORY_LOCDATA has already been scheduled, the system displays this. You can then change the scheduling directly in transaction SM37 (Simple Job Selection).

The background job runs for less than 30 minutes the first time the SCR is filled, as long as it is not an extremely large system, or a system with a particularly heavy workload. The processing time is long despite this, due to the fact that the SCR checks existing RFC destinations of type ABAP to find other ABAP systems in the system landscape. The update of a repository that has already been filled usually lasts only a few minutes in the background processing system.