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As the administrator of an SAP MaxDB database, you must carry out certain administration tasks on a regular basis. Backups are one example of such a task. Many administration tasks can be automated. Certain events may lead to additional administration tasks, for example a database restore after a hardware failure.

The following tools are available for managing SAP MaxDB databases:

  • Computer Center Management System (CCMS)

    Tool for configuring, managing and monitoring SAP systems, including databases

    Only available in SAP systems

  • Database Studio

    Tool for configuring, managing and monitoring SAP MaxDB databases

    From version 7.7 onwards, Database Studio replaces the database tools Database Manager GUI and SQL Studio and also offers additional functions (such as a GUI for the Loader program).

  • Database Manager CLI

    Command line tool for configuring and managing SAP MaxDB databases


You have installed the database software and created a database (see Glossary, Installation).