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 Detailed Display of Log Attributes


Log attributes (symbol ) are monitoring attributes that record messages in their context. This means that the data collection method does not record isolated messages in the Alert Monitor, but also the contents of a log or trace.


You can perform the following actions with log attributes:

Display Log Attributes

  1. To do this, choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20.
  2. Expand the desired monitor set, choose a monitor and choose Load Monitor.
  3. To start the detail display, select one or more nodes that contain log attributes and choose Display Details (). The system displays the Log Attributes - Detail Data screen.

Adjust Time Period for Display

The period for the messages displayed in a log attribute is independent of the usual settings in the Alert Monitor. You can adjust the period by choosing Time Interval. You can display the messages for the last few minutes or for a particular period.

Merge Log Attributes

When you display detail data for multiple log attributes, you can mix the contents of log attributes with each other. This means that messages of the log attributes are not displayed sorted by attributes, but by message time. This is especially useful if the messages from multiple log attributes have a mutual connection.

To do this, choose Merge on the Monitoring Attributes: Detail Data screen. To display the various selected attributes in separate tables, choose Individual Display.

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