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A ranges table type is a special case of a table type. You use a ranges table type to describe the structure of an internal table for administering complex areas, that is, the type of an internal ranges table in the ABAP program.

You can use ranges tables for example in logical conditions (IN operators) in the SELECT, IF, WHILE and CHECK statements or to pass data to selection tables.

The row type of a ranges table type has a fixed structure. The row type consists of the fourcomponents SIGN (sign), OPTION (comparison operator), LOW (lower limit) and HIGH (upper limit) in this order.

The type of components LOW and HIGH is defined by an elementary associated type. You can define it by specifying a data element or by directly defining the data type, number of places and the number of decimal places.

A ranges table type always has Standard Tableaccess mode and a Standard keythat is Non-Unique.

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