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You can operate the Central Performance History (CPH) in the associated transaction (RZ23N), in which all functions for configuration, status, and reporting are combined. However, you can also use these functions directly from the Alert Monitor, offering you the advantage of better integration into your usual working processes.

Process Flow
  • Display

    There are a number of functions available to you to display contents or assignments of the CPH in the Alert Monitor:

    Function Execution

    Displaying collection and reorganization schemata, which are assigned to the individual MTE classes of a monitor

    Activate the relevant technical view (see Displaying the Technical View: Central Performance History)

    Displaying the history of MTE classes for a particular time period (hourly granularity only)

    Select the desired node and choose Display Details (). The Monitoring Attributes - Detail Data (see Displaying Detail Data and Adjusting the Display). Choose the pushbutton Displaying Data of a Time Period on that screen.

    The system displays a screen, on which you can enter the desired period. Define the period and choose the Execute () pushbutton. The selected contents of the CPH are displayed as separate rows on the screen Monitoring Attributes ‑ Detail Data.

    Displaying the contents of the CPH for particular MTE classes

    Activate the maintenance functions, select the MTE classes for which you require CPH values, and choose Display History of Selected MTE Classes ().

    A screen appears on which the available performance values of the CPH are displayed. For a detailed description of this, see Displaying the Contents of the Central Performance History.

  • Configuration

    For a detailed description of how to configure the CPH from the Alert Monitor, see Configuring the Central Performance History in the Alert-Monitor.

  • Reporting

    For a detailed description of the reporting of the CPH from the Alert Monitor, see Central Performance History Reporting in the Alert-Monitor.

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