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In SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, you can define authorizations based on access control lists (ACLs).


An access control list is a list of permissions that can be attached to an object or a set of objects.

You can define ACL-based authorizations related to the following entities:

  • ACLs for objects of the Enterprise Services Repository (ES Repository) and the Integration Directory

    In both the ES Repository and the Integration Directory, you can define more detailed authorizations that restrict access to design and configuration objects according to ACL-based authorizations.

    More information: ACL-Based Authorizations in ES Repository and Integration Direct

  • ACLs for service users

    When configuring message exchange in the Integration Directory, you can define that messages containing a specific business system or business component as sender can only be executed by certain users. In addition to this, you can also grant authorization at interface level.

    More information: ACL-Based Authorizations for Service Users

  • ACLs for Secure Network Communications (SNC)

    More information: Access Control Lists (ACL)