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A workcenter role - like a freestyle role - is the largest semantic unit of content in the portal. Both of these types of portal role can include folders, worksets, pages, and iViews. However, the content of a workcenter role, in contrast to a freestyle role, is designed and ordered according to the strict layout and hierarchy defined in the SAP NetWeaver Standards and Guidelines (S&G) for Pattern-Based User Interfaces . For more background information about the structure of workcenter roles, see:


Uploading Roles

You can create new workcenter roles by uploading roles that:

Creating New Roles

The topics in this section explain how to create a workcenter role from scratch, from the Portal Catalog. Once you have created the role, by completing the New Workcenter Role wizard, you define the navigation structure and the content for each navigation entry - views, pages and iViews - as appropriate. For each view in a workcenter role, you can also add a list of relevant services.

Adding and Editing Role Content

You add content to the role by either reusing content that exists in other roles or by creating new content. To edit the content objects, you use the standard portal editors.

For more information, see Adding and Editing Content in Workcenter Roles and Editing Portal Objects .

Assigning Permission Rights to the Role

To assign user access rights to the role, you need to set permissions to the object using the Permissions editor. For more information, see Setting Permissions in the Permissions Editor .

Assigning User Permissions

Once you have created your roles and added content objects, you need to assign the roles to users and user groups. Users can only access the content intended for them if they are assigned to a role. Worksets cannot be assigned to users. For more information, see Assigning Portal Roles to Users and Groups .