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Using the SAP Management Console to Start TREX
  1. Log on with the user <sapsid>adm.
  2. Launch the SAP Management console by double-clicking the program icon on your desktop or by choosing Start → Programs  → SAP Management Console.
  3. In the tree structure, choose the node for the central SAP instance <SAPSID> and navigate to the subnode for the TREX instance <host>_<instance_number> (for example,p123456_77).
  4. Choose the right-hand mouse button to access the context menu.
  5. Choose Start.

Using startsap.exe to Start TREX

  1. Log on with the user <sapsid>adm.
  2. Open a command prompt by choosing Start → Programs → Instance_number → Tools → TREX_<instance_number> so that the environment variables are set correctly.
  3. Switch to the <TREX_DIR>/exedirectory and enter the following:

    startsap.exe name=<SAPSID> nr=TRX<instance_number> SAPDIAHOST =<host>

    In the SAPDIAHOST parameter, you specify the host name on which the TREX instance should be started.


    startsap.exe name=ABC nr=TRX77 SAPDIAHOST =p123456