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When you define a table type, you must specify the primary key to be used for the table type.

You have the following options:

  • Standard key:

    The structure of the primary key depends on the line type category. In a structured line type, the standard key consists of all the character-like components of the table line. In an elementary line type or reference type as the line type, the standard key consists of the entire table line. If the line type is a table type, the standard key is empty.


    An empty key is allowed only for access mode Standard table.

  • Line type:

    The primary key consists of all the fields of the line type.

  • Key components:

    The primary key is explicitly defined by selecting components (fields) of the line type. This is possible only if you have selected a structure, table or view as the line type.

  • Key not specified:

    The primary key is not specified. This defines a generic table type .