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Creating a Scheduling PackageLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have defined and actively saved one or more Reporting Agent settings.


You are in the Reporting Agent in the function area in which you defined your Reporting Agent settings.

  1. In the right-hand Scheduling Package tree of the Reporting Agent scheduler, select Change.
  2. You have the following options for creating a new setting:

    Select a node . From the context menu, choose Create New Package.

    Choose Create New Package.

    The Create Scheduling Package dialog box appears.

  3. Enter a technical name and a description.

    If the Reporting Agent setting comes from the Print function area, you can decide whether the print parameter for printing in the background should be a part of the scheduling package or not.

    The indicator No Print Parameter is not set by default: The print parameters are part of the scheduling package and must be specified for it. As Reporting Agent scheduling packages are transport objects, you need to create a transport request every time that you change the printing parameters.

    If you set the No Printing Parameters indicator, the printing parameters are not part of the scheduling package: they have to be entered when scheduling. If you change the printing parameters, you do not need to change the scheduling package.

    If you want to set or to remove the No Print Parameters  indicator for a scheduling package that has already been created, select Change, or Rename from the context menu for the respective scheduling package. The Change Scheduling Package dialog box appears. Make the required changes to the settings.

    To display or maintain the print parameters, you can choose the following from the context menu of a scheduling package:

    • in the Change view: Display Print Parameters
    • in the Change view: Maintain Print Parameters
  4. Save your entries.