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Members of the SDB Operators group can manage databases without belonging to the Administrators or System groups. They have full access to the database resources listed using operating system commands; other operating system users only have read privileges.

Which SAP MaxDB Versions Support the SDB Operators Group?

All SAP MaxDB versions 7.7 and higher support this group.

How Is the SDB Operators Group Created?

It is your responsibility as administrator on your Microsoft Windows system to create the SDB Operators group before installing SAP MaxDB.

The database installation program then allocates the required authorizations to the SDB Operators group.

Table 1: Special Operating System Groups for SAP MaxDB (Microsoft Windows)




SDB Operators


Access to the following resources:

  • Database software files and directories ( <global_data_path> and <private_data_path> directories and their subdirectories)

  • Database processes

  • SAP MaxDB global listener and X server processes (communication servers)

  • Volumes

  • Backups

Permissions for the following administration tasks (among others):

  • Creating new databases (additionally system administrator rights are necessary)

  • Using the XCONS database tool

  • Changing database parameters

  • Accessing the volumes



  • SAP system administrator and database administrator in SAP systems

  • Group member of SDB Operators



Not for SAP liveCache databases

SQD<SID> is owner of all database resources and is the operating system user for database administrators.

Group member of SDB Operators

More Information

SAP MaxDB Security Guide, Data Storage Security