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The BEx Web Analyzer is a standalone, convenient Web application for data analysis that you can call using a URL or as an iView in the portal. 

The Web Analyzer allows you to execute ad hoc analyses on the Web: When you have selected a data provider (query, query view, InfoProvider), the data is displayed in a table with a navigation pane. You can navigate to the data and use other Web Analyzer functions available in the application toolbar. For example, you can change the type of data display, use the information broadcasting functions to broadcast your analyses to others, and create printable versions of your analyses.

In the Web Analyzer, you can save the data view generated from navigation and analysis as a query view by choosing Save View in the context menu, and you can save the ad hoc analysis by choosing Save As. When the query view is saved, only the data view is saved; when the ad hoc analysis is saved, the entire Web application is saved, including the properties of Web items and the layout of the data.

Technical Data

Type of application

Internet application that can be called using a URL or as an iView in SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Technical Name

The Web template 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN forms the basis of the BEx Web Analyzer.

Supported from Release

SAP NetWeaver 2004s

Included in the Following Roles

Business Explorer

Business Information Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW)


The BEx Web Analyzer provides a wide range of functions for ad hoc data analysis. These functions are made available by the following elements:

  • Pushbuttons
  • Links
  • Navigation pane
  • Context Menu

Depending on the settings, data is displayed either in a table, a graphic, or in both a table and a graphic.

For more information about the functions of the pushbuttons, the navigation pane, and the context menu, see Pushbutton Functions, Navigation Pane, and Context Menu.

For more information about the functions of links, see Function Links.


The BEX Web Analyzer is a standalone Web application that can be called using a URL by specifying the template 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN (standard Web template for ad hoc analysis).

You can also call the BEx Web Analyzer as an iView in the portal. For more information, see Overview: Integration and Display Types for Content from BEx Objects and BW Objectsand BEx Web Application or Query as iView in the Portal.

Optional Settings

As with all Web templates, you can also override the Web template properties for the standard Web template for ad hoc analysis and, therefore, for the Web Analyzer, using the appropriate parameterization. For more information, see Parameter Override.