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Charts display number series visually and make it easier for users to interpret business data.


If you want to convert charts that you used in SAP NetWeaver BW 2.x or SAP BW 3.x to the current format, you need the standalone Internet Graphics Server (IGS) 6.40. You then need to upgrade to Internet Graphics Server 7.10. You can find more information in SAP Service Marketplace at

You can edit charts in Web Application Designer and in Report Designer.

Editing in Web Application Designer

You have created a new Web item of type Chart or selected an existing Web item of type Chart. You then chose Display → Edit Chart field on the Web Item Parameters tab page in the Properties window, thus calling Chart Designer (see Creating Web Applications with BEx Web Application Designer ).

You can also open Chart Designer by:

  • double-clicking the Web item
  • choosing Edit Chart in the context menu for the Web item

Editing in Report Designer

You have created a report in Report Designer and chosen Insert → Chart to insert and edit a chart. More information: Functions in the Insert Menu

Process Flow
  1. Before you begin publishing a chart, you need to specify which chart type you want to display. You can determine how the data provider is to be built by using the class of the chart type.
  2. Select an existing query or design a new query in order to generate a suitable view of the data, in other words a suitable data provider.
  3. Start the publishing process and create a new Chart Web item .
  4. We recommend configuring the properties of the chart Web item as follows:
    • Expanded hierarchy nodes should be hidden.
    • Totals should be suppressed.
    •  If you want to swap the data providers in the chart, you should assign the Swap Display Axes property to the chart. The columns and rows are then swapped automatically when the chart is generated. You do not need to change the view on which the chart is based.
  5. When you edit the chart, the Web Application Designer or Web Application Wizard first shows the default setting - a column chart.
    • To start with, format the chart using the wizard so that the main settings and the number of displayed data series and data points correspond to your data provider (see Formatting a Chart Using the Wizard ). Assign the required chart type to the chart and format the chart as required.
    • All chart elements that you can format are displayed in the list of properties on the right of the screen. You can modify the properties as required here.