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 Tutorial for Operating the Central Performance HistoryLocate this document in the navigation structure


This tutorial should teach you how to use the Central Performance History (CPH). It consists of three parts, in which the following topics are covered:

Part of the Tutorial Contents


  • ·        Activating the predefined settings of the CPH, so that especially important MTE classes of your monitored systems are collected in the CPH.
  • ·        Creating and scheduling a report based on an existing report definition.


  • ·        Changing an existing collection and reorganization schema
  • ·        Creating your own assignments of collection and reorganization schemata to MTE classes
  • ·        Creating your own report definitions


  • ·        Excluding certain hours during the reorganization or for reporting using day schemata
  • ·        Using a calendar schema to exclude certain days during the reorganization or from reporting, or to assign day schemas to selected days.

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