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A report displays Central Performance History (CPH) data. The basis of a report of this type is always a report definition. In a report definition, you define which data the report should contain. You can create report definitions yourself (see Creating a Report Definition), however you can also use the report definitions delivered by SAP.

The two standard report definitions contain MTE classes for the following topics:

  • ·        Utilization of the CPU and scope of operating system paging (see Operating System Monitor) with a quarter-hourly granularity
  • ·        Performance of the dialog system (see Dialog Overview Monitor) with an hourly granularity

The delivered report definitions are customized for the delivered assignments of the collection/reorganization schemata, which determine that the MTE classes of the report definitions are collected in the CPH at all.

To display a report on the basis of these definitions, you must perform the Scheduling and Execution of a Report yourself.


The following report definitions are delivered:

Report Definition Contained MTE Classes Aggregate and Granularity


R3DialogResponseTime R3DialogFrontEndNetTime R3DialogDefLoadTime R3UsersLoggedIn

Daily values with an hourly granularity


CPU_Utilization 5minLoadAverage Page_In Page_Out

Daily values with a quarter-hourly granularity

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