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A system group consists of a series of systems that you want to display together in the CCMS monitoring architecture. You can enter a system group when defining a monitor: the monitor then contains all systems that belong to the system group.


Definitions of system groups are stored in the CCMS System Component Repository (SCR). The SCR is a component that maps one or more SAP systems.


You want to distribute the monitoring of your SAP systems among several colleagues. To achieve this, you can define a system group for each colleague and assign the systems that each person is to monitor to the corresponding system groups. You then define a monitor for each system group in the Alert Monitor. In the monitor definitions, you specify the name of each system group in the rule CCMS_DEFINE_R3_SYSTEMS. The monitor definitions resolve the system group into the systems defined in it. In this way, each colleague sees the systems for which he or she is responsible in the monitor.

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