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Generating the Certificate RequestLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Web server requires a certificate so that it can communicate with the Java client using a secure connection. You firstly have to create a certificate request using the Internet Services Manager.


  1. Choose Start → Programs → Administrative Tools → Internet Services Manager.
  2. Use the secondary mouse button to click on the SAP_TREX Web site.
  3. Choose Properties from the context menu, and then choose the Directory Security tab.
  4. Choose the Server Certificate pushbutton from the Secure communications area.

    An assistant starts in order to help you to generate the certificate request.

  5. Choose Next.
  6. Choose Create a new certificate and then Next.
  7. Choose Create a certificate now, but send it later and thenNext.
  8. Enter a name for the certificate, for example, SAPTREX. Choose 1024 Bit. for the key length.
  9. Choose Next.
  10. Enter the organizational data that distinguishes your organization from another.
    Field Example Entry



    Organizational Unit


  11. Choose Next.
  12. Use the Common Name entry to enter the path and name of your host and your complete domain.
    Field Example Entry

    Common Name



    Note that requirements for these entries can differ depending on the certification authority (CA).

  13. Choose Next.
  14. Enter the information on the location of your organization, and then choose Next.
    Field Example Entry







  15. Enter the path and name of the file in which the certificate request is stored.
  16. Choose Next.
  17. Check your entries. To change the entries, choose Back. To finish generating the certificate request, choose Next and thenFinish.
  18. Send the certificate request to your CA to be signed.


When you have sent the request to your CA the administrator of the CA checks it and issues the actual certificate. You can collect the certificate as soon as the administrator has issued it.