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Zuweisung zwischen Struktur und Einzelfeld IVLocate this document in the navigation structure

*-------------------------------------------------------------* MOVE: structure <-> single field  *-------------------------------------------------------------

report ZCH_UNIEXP_8.

data: begin of STRUC,         F1(3) type x,         F2(8) type p,      end of STRUC,

 CONTAINER(1000) type c.

* Before Unicode enabling:

* CONTAINER = STRUC. <---- Unicode error

* STRUC     = CONTAINER. <---- Unicode error

* After Unicode enabling* if container is used as temporary transport container (no* database, no RFC, no file, no offset access to parts of the* container)

field-symbols: <X_CONTAINER> type x,               <X_STRUC>     type x.

assign CONTAINER to <X_CONTAINER> casting.assign STRUC     to <X_STRUC>     casting.


* Or use service class cl_abap_container_utilities:

class CL_ABAP_CONTAINER_UTILITIES definition load.

call method CL_ABAP_CONTAINER_UTILITIES =>FILL_CONTAINER_C  exporting  IM_VALUE               = STRUC  importing  EX_CONTAINER           = CONTAINER  exceptions ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_TYPE = 1             others                 = 2.

call method cl_abap_container_utilities=>read_container_c  exporting  IM_CONTAINER           = CONTAINER  importing  EX_VALUE               = STRUC  exceptions ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_TYPE = 1             others                 = 2.