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Migrating Themes for Use with UI Theme DesignerLocate this document in the navigation structure

Manually migrate (import) portal themes for use with the UI Theme Designer using Transport Themes.


You can import portal themes for use with the UI Theme Designer. This is done using Transport Themes. Themes customized using the Theme Editor must be exported before the UI Theme Designer is activated, and then imported (migrated) after activating UI Theme Designer.


  1. Note Before activating the UI Theme Designer, export your themes using Transport Themes (you can save your files locally). See Exporting and Importing Themes for details. After exporting your themes with the Theme Editor switched on, activate the UI Theme Designer.
    To import your saved files, navigate to: Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step Transport Next navigation step Transport Themes End of the navigation path
  2. Specify the path to the theme that you want to import or choose Browse to select the compressed file of a theme.
  3. If you want the imported theme to overwrite existing themes, select Overwrite Existing Theme.
  4. Choose Import to migrate your file.


Your selected theme has been migrated for use with the UI Theme Designer.

Note Existing themes may be transported by including them in a standard portal transport package. However, this will not migrate (convert) them for use with the UI Theme Designer. To do so, you must import them using Transport Themes.