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Applying a Reader Rights Credential to PDF FormsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Specific tasks like filling in interactive PDF forms and saving them, adding comments to forms or signing forms, require the licenced Adobe software Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Professional . The Adobe Reader software available for free to all users, only allows viewing of PDF forms. To make the advanced usage rights mentioned above available to Adobe Reader users, you can apply a Reader Rights Credential to forms. Such a credential is unique to each company.


The Reader Rights Credential adds usage rights to PDF forms, but it does not certify or sign them. Therefore recipients do not need a public key to validate the forms.


  1. Obtain the Reader Rights Credential - a PKCS #12 (.pfx) file.

    More information: SAP Note 736902 Information published on SAP site

  2. Install the Reader Rights Credential.
  3. Configure the Reader Rights Credential.
  4. Optional: To see in the server log, whether the credential is about to expire, configure the credential expiry logging.