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The SAP NetWeaver Scheduler for Java provides low-level job scheduling capabilities for applications running on the Application Server (AS) Java. It is a core service that enables the automated execution of tasks that applications can perform in the background.


For simplicity, in this documentation we refer to the SAP NetWeaver Scheduler Java as the Java Scheduler.

The scope and functionalities of the Java Scheduler are similar to those offered by the CCMS ABAP Scheduler (transactions SM36 and SM37) in AS ABAP. The Java Scheduler also enables the integration between external schedulers and AS Java.

Implementation Considerations

We recommend that you use the Java Scheduler to schedule a moderate number of jobs per day. Although it is possible to run millions jobs in one day, you should limit the number of jobs to much less than 100, 000 per day.

For data integrity and failover reasons, the Java Scheduler persists all information about future, current, and past jobs. It increases its heavyweight. As a result, it is not the best solution for executing several millions jobs a day. If you use the Java Scheduler to execute tasks several times a second, this may overload the system.

For more information about the architecture of the Java Scheduler, see Architecture .


The Java Scheduler provides two APIs to enable integration in two directions:

  • Integration with applications deployed on AS Java

    The Java Scheduler offers the Scheduler API, which allows applications deployed on the application server to schedule jobs programmatically, as well as to retrieve information about scheduled jobs.

  • Integration with external job scheduling solutions

    The Java Scheduler provides an external public API called Java eXternal Batch Processing (JXBP), which allows external schedulers to control and monitor jobs deployed on AS Java. The scope of JXBP is similar to that of the eXternal Background Processing (BC-XBP) external interface provided by the ABAP Scheduler.

    JXBP and BC-XBP allow external schedulers to integrate with SAP NetWeaver systems and implement enterprise-level automation of business processes in AS ABAP and AS Java across the system landscape.

    SAP NetWeaver AS for Java also supports JAVA-JXBP 7.1 integration and certification-integration scenarios. For more information, see published on SAP site.

There is no integration between the Java Scheduler and the ABAP Scheduler.


The Java Scheduler provides the following features:

  • Developing jobs

    The Java Scheduler implements an object-oriented approach in developing jobs. You develop your own jobs based on message-driven beans to implement the business logic of the work that has to be performed in the background.

  • Scheduling jobs

    The Java Scheduler provides time-based and event-based scheduling of jobs. In time-based scheduling, jobs run when a preset date/time condition is fulfilled. In event-based scheduling, jobs run when a particular event is raised in the system. In this release, event-based job scheduling can be used only by external schedulers integrated with the Java Scheduler through the JXBP API.

    You can use the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool Java Scheduler , to create and view scheduler tasks.

    For more information, see Scheduling Jobs Using the SAP NetWeaver Scheduler for Java .

For more information about the basic concepts in job development and scheduling with the Java Scheduler, see Scheduler Job Definition, Job, and Task . For more information about developing and scheduling jobs, see Developing and Scheduling Jobs .