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Accessing Portal Services in SAP NetWeaver AdministratorLocate this document in the navigation structure


Some portal applications require specific, non-default settings to their associated services, which reside on AS Java. The configuration of services takes place in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool.


The following procedure describes only where you find services and their properties in SAP NetWeaver Administrator; for more detailed functional information, relating to this procedure, see Viewing Web Modules Configuration . For more information about SAP NetWeaver Administrator, see SAP NetWeaver Administrator .

In general, the properties, which are configurable in SAP NWA, belong to additional services, such as portal or Web Dynpro services. These are not to be confused with core AS Java services, which are configured in the AS Java Config Tool.


  1. Open the SAP NetWeaver Administrator to the Application Modules page as follows:

    • The recommended method of access is to add the quick link /app-modules to the NWA URL, ( hostname:port/nwa/app-modules ).

    • It is also possible to navigate to the Application Modules page:

      Add nwa to the AS Java URL to access SAP NetWeaver Administrator. ( hostname:port/nwa ) and then go to Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure End of the navigation path and click the Application Modules link.

    The Application Modules: Overview window opens.

    Portal applications are Web or application modules; they appear under the Name column in the modules lists. The corresponding Java application is listed under the Application column in the Web module details list.

  2. In the Module List , find the desired application and select it. This updates the Web Module Details pane below, in which you can see the services of the current application (in the Components tab).

    To find the application module more easily:

    • Click Filter to enable filtering by column (a text box appears above each column); you can now write the name of your portal application above the Name column and press ENTER .

      Continue to step 4.

  3. In the Web Module Details pane, select the desired service to view its properties in the Portal Service Details pane below.

  4. In the Portal Service Details pane, change property values as required by typing directly in the property field.


    Not all the properties of any given service are editable; such property fields are inactive.

    You can also click Restore Default to return to initial values.

  5. After making all the desired changes, click Save in the Web Module Details pane.


    Saveing takes place on the Web Module level. You can, therefore, modify the properties of any number of services and save when you are finished.

    Even if your only modification is to restore default value to properties, you must save the change.

  6. Restart the service.

    1. On the Module List , choose More Actions and then choose View corresponding to application .

    2. In the displayed application list, make sure the relevant application is selected and choose Restart .