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Searching for Content ChangesLocate this document in the navigation structure


The SLD server logs every change that has been made to the SLD content. You can track these changes using the Changes link in the SLD UI.


  1. In the SLD UI, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Changes End of the navigation path.

    The Search for Content Changes tab is displayed.

  2. To filter the log entries by date, choose the time span you want from the Date field.


    To reduce the amount of result data, we recommend that you always specify this filter.

  3. Optional: To filter the log by content criteria (user name, class name, or text), enter the required data under Content .

  4. Optional: To expand your search to other search criteria, choose Advanced Search . Here you can flag or unflag the various options under Event Type and Object Type .


    For example, to look for deleted data in the log, select the Delete checkbox.

    To close the Advanced Search , choose Simple Search .

  5. Choose Search .

    The change log entries are displayed in the form of a table. You can sort every table column in ascending or descending order by clicking on it. The sorting applies only for the page that is currently displayed and not for the entire result set.

    To navigate through a large number of log entries, use the First Page , Previous Page , Next Page , or Last Page pushbuttons.

  6. To display the details, select the change log entry you require.

  7. Optional: To restart or to refine your search, choose New Search .