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Producing Versioned ExportsLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Export End of the navigation path.

    The Export screen appears. The namespace that will be exported is displayed in the header bar (if you work with multiple namespaces).

  2. You have the following choices:

    • Incremental Export - perform full or incremental exports for an export line of your choice.

    • Administrate Incremental Exports - view the history of previous exports, download individual exports, or aggregate multiple exports so that you can easily import them into another system.

Performing a Full or Incremental Export

  1. Choose the Incremental Export tab.

  2. From the Export Line dropdown box, select the export line of your choice.

  3. Choose the type of export you want to perform: Incremental or Full .


    If this is the first export for the selected export line, you have to perform a full export. For all following exports, you can choose whether to perform an incremental or a full export.

4. Choose Export .

The status of the export is displayed. When the export is complete, it is listed in the Result section. Click on the file name link to download the result.

The system exports the data of the export line you have selected. This export is also saved to the database and you can use it later. You can import the data into other systems of your system landscape, for example.

For more information, see Updating the Software Catalog .

Administrating Incremental Exports

  1. To manage your exports, choose Administrate Incremental Exports .

    A list of your previous exports is displayed. You can aggregate multiple exports and import them together as a single file into another system.


    You must import exports with versioning into the target system in the same sequence in which they were produced.

  2. Choose an option from the Export Line dropdown box.


    You can also use a filter to make the list more specific.

  3. To aggregate several exports into one:

    1. Select the required exports. It is sufficient to mark the first and last version of the exports you want to include in your aggregate.

    2. Choose Aggregate .

    3. Download the resulting aggregate file.

  4. To remove an unnecessary incremental export:

    1. Select the corresponding export.

    2. Choose Remove .


      Only remove exports that are not required again. You must not remove exports that have already been imported into another system. Otherwise, the history of this export is lost, which will result in import errors the next time you perform an import.