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SLD content synchronization is already created.


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Activating a Synchronization or Notification

  1. Check Active for the Sync Subscriptions you want to activate.

    Synchronization of changes will continued from the point in time it was last deactivated. No new full sync is required.

  2. Check Active for the Sync Notifications you want to activate.

    From now on any changes in the local namespace will again sent a notification to the target system.

Temporarily Deactivating a Synchronization or Notification

  1. Uncheck Active for the Sync Subscriptions you want to deactivate.

    If you deactivate a subscription for an extended period of time, you may also want to deactivate the corresponding notification in the source system to avoid unnecessary network traffic due to irrelevant notifications.

  2. Uncheck Active for the Sync Notifications you want to deactivate.

    If the corresponding subscription in the target system is still active, this means that the target system will no longer be notified about changes and only uses periodic polling to retrieve changes.

Repeating a Complete Content Synchronization

This will repeat the synchronization as if it was newly created. This may be necessary in case of unrecoverable errors but should be avoided otherwise because pending changes not processed so far will be discarded.


This step is time consuming.

To repeat a complete Content Synchronization, in the Action column choose Full Sync for the Sync Subscription you want to repeat.

Removing a Synchronization or Notification Permanently

  1. Select any Sync Subscription or Sync Notification you want to remove.

  2. Choose Remove .

Changing Ranks

When changing ranks make sure the new values also fulfill the requirement for uniqueness. This requirement may be violated temporarily while making multiple rank changes if all subscriptions in SLD systems of the affected synchronization landscape are deactivated.

  1. Change the value of any Local Rank or Source Rank you want to adapt.

  2. Choose Update Ranks .