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Defining Name Prefixes for DevelopmentLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have a user assigned to the LcrAdministrator role.

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Home Next navigation step Name Reservation End of the navigation path.

  2. To enable the SLD as a name server for NWDI and if all of the following is true:

    • AS Java has reported data about it in the SLD

    • SLD has reported data about itself in the SLD

    choose Enable this SLD as Name Server for NWDI .

  3. Choose New Name Prefix .

  4. If you want to define a single name prefix for a certain category, select the Single indicator.

  5. If you want to define name prefixes for the most commonly used categories, select the Bundle indicator.

  6. If you have selected to define a single name prefix, from the Name Category dropdown box, select the name category you want (see Object Name Categories ).

  7. In the Name Prefix field, enter a prefix that follows the syntax rules.

  8. From the Purpose dropdown box, select the purpose you want.


    By default, the Used by developer option is selected. Such a standard prefix is used in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio that is connected to this name server. However, you can use the following options:


Used in generator A name prefix that is reserved for generator programs. The prefix is locked for use in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

● Used everywhere

A local name prefix for prototyping. All name servers are allowed to allocate names in this namespace. Therefore, name conflicts can occur in this namespace.

● Used by other name server

For example, a name prefix for Business One development. No names are reserved on this name server; only name prefixes have been created.

● Used nowhere

A locked name prefix that is reserved for future use.

  1. Optionally, in the Owner field, enter the e-mail address of the owner of the namespace and, in the Description field, enter a description of the namespace.

  2. Choose Define .