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Setting Up the SLD Data Supplier for AS ABAP-Based SystemsLocate this document in the navigation structure


As of SAP Web AS ABAP Release 6.30, the initial configuration of the data supplier is performed automatically during installation. No further configuration is required unless you want to change the default settings.

If your AS ABAP system is running on release lower than 6.30 and contains the data supplier function, you have to perform an initial configuration of the SLD data supplier.


We recommend that you use the following default settings:

  • Use an RFC connection with an automatic RFC destination to send data directly to the SLD gateway. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.1, usage type AS Java that comprises SLD also contains an Gateway.

  • Use a standard set of predefined data collection programs. For more information, see ABAP Data Collection Programs .

  • Schedule the data collection programs to be executed in a batch job once every 720 minutes (12 hours).


The SLD and the SLD bridge (the receiving thread of the SLD, which runs on the AS Java system) are running.


Configure the RFC Connection

  1. Call transaction RZ70.


    You can find the necessary data in AS Java, on the following page: Start of the navigation path http://<host>:<port>/sld Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Details Next navigation step Data Suppliers End of the navigation path

    • In the Host field, enter the name of the gateway host.

    • In the Service field, enter the name of the gateway port.


    Make sure that the entries for the gateway host and port are exactly the same as in the SLD Bridge. Avoid the usage of one gateway by more than one SLD bridge.

Scheduled Data Collection

  1. Enter the required amount of time in field Period of Minutes . It will determine how often the data gathering transfer will take place.

  2. Choose Schedule Background Job button.


    By default, the Schedule background job indicator is selected. If you deselect it, the data about the system will be sent to the SLD only if you trigger the data collection programs manually.

  3. In the Period in Minutes field, enter a time interval in minutes for collecting data.


    The default setting is 720 minutes (12 hours). This means that the data about the current system will be updated in the SLD twice a day.

  4. Save these settings by choosing Schedule Background Job .

  5. Choose Start SLD Data Collection Now .

    A separate screen appears with a list of the executed programs and you are informed whether the initial transfer of data by RFC has been successful. For more information, see SAP Note 584654 Information published on SAP site.

Single Data Collection

If you want to perform the data collection process once, you do not need to schedule it. Choose the Start SLD Data Collection Now button.


You have set the data supplier to send data about the current system directly to the SLD by using an RFC connection. A scheduled batch job updates the data about the system in the SLD twice a day.

Note To verify whether the data transfer is successful, ensure in the connected SLD that the system is registered correctly or check via the SLD Administration page for related error messages.