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Setting Up the SLD Data Supplier for AS Java-Based SystemsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • The SLD server is running.

  • You are logged on to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator ( http://<host>:<HTTP port>/nwa ) as an AS Java administrator.


An initial configuration of the data supplier for AS Java-based systems is automatically performed by the SAP installation tool during the AS Java system installation. However, if you want to change the default settings, or if you have installed the AS Java in a different way, you can use the SAP NetWeaver Administrator to configure the data supplier manually.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Security Next navigation step Destinations End of the navigation path

  2. Create a destination of type HTTP and with name SLD_DataSupplier .


    If such a destination already exists you can check if its value suits you and use it.

    1. Choose Create (or Edit if it already exists).

    2. Enter the required URL in the following format: http://<host>:<HTTP port> or http://<host>:<HTTP port>/sld/ds.

    3. You can use Ping Destination to check the correctness of the entered parameters.

  3. When ready, choose Save.


You can now collect and send data to the SLD Server. To do so:

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step SLD Data Supplier Configuration. End of the navigation path

  2. Choose Collect and Send Data.