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Configuring, Working with and Administering System Landscape DirectoryLocate this document in the navigation structure


A system landscape consists of a number of hardware and software components that depend on each other with regard to installation, software updates, upgrades, and demands on interfaces.

The System Landscape Directory of SAP NetWeaver (SLD) serves as a central information repository for your system landscape. For more information, see System Landscape Directory .


Bear in mind that the abbreviation SLD is not intended to define a product, since the System Landscape Directory is part of SAP NetWeaver. This abbreviation is only intended to improve readability.


Connecting Systems to the SLD

Systems that are installed in your system landscape can periodically send data to the SLD. To do so, you have to configure them.

For more information, see Connecting Systems to the SLD .

Working with the SLD

With SLD you can view and manage technical systems, landscapes, business systems, products, and software components.

For more information, see Working with the SLD

Administrating the SLD

The initially configured SLD is ready to provide its services to the systems that are connected to it. Nevertheless, you:

  • Might want to change the initial SLD configuration

  • Should regularly perform tasks that are vital for the consistent state of your SLD and the information it contains

For more information, see Administrating the SLD