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Technical systems are application systems that are installed in your system landscape. An example of an application system is an SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) server. The following technical systems are included in the SLD:


    AS ABAP technical systems, ranging from any SAP system to an SAP SCM server or CRM server, are based on the same Basis Component (BC), which includes the ABAP interpreter, ABAP Dictionary, ABAP Workbench, and so on. A dedicated database, which stores most of the data of the BC and the application components, is associated with the system.

  • AS Java

    AS Java systems consist of one or more instances and each instance is usually installed on a separate host. An instance itself consists of cluster nodes that can communicate with each other.

  • Standalone Java

    Standalone Java technical systems are standalone Java applications that are installed on a computer system from an administration perspective. They can also be installed as an operating system service or as a daemon.

  • Third-Party

    Third-party technical systems contain third-party software components and products.


    Third-party systems are normally not automatically registered in the SLD. Therefore, you have to register them manually.

    For more information, see Creating and Removing Third-Party Products , Creating and Removing Third-Party Software Components , Creating New Third-Party Technical Systems , Creating and Removing Business Systems .

  • TREX

    Search and Classification (TREX) is the central SAP NetWeaver search engine that provides underlying search technology and functions for Enterprise Knowledge Management.

  • Process Integration (XPI)

    Process Integration technical systems are the infrastructure systems (such as integration servers and adapter engines) of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration.

  • Computer Systems

    Computer systems (hosts) are described in SLD with a few selected attributes only. Computer systems are identified by a host name written in lower case without network domain. If virtual host names or aliases are defined, identical hardware may appear multiple times in the SLD.


AS ABAP and AS Java technical systems automatically register information in the SLD about most of the elements that they contain if you have configured the SLD data supplier accordingly. Not all technical system elements are registered automatically in the SLD by the reporting system - if required, you have to register these missing elements manually. You also have to register products manually installed on a technical system if you require this information, because a technical system has no information about which products are installed on it

If automatic registration of AS ABAP and AS Java technical systems is not possible, you have to register corresponding systems manually. You normally also have to register manually standalone and third-party technical systems.


Systems that comprise both AS ABAP and AS Java (AS ABAP + AS Java systems) appear in SLD both as an AS ABAP and as an AS Java system.

For more information, see Working with Technical Systems .