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Creating New AS ABAP Technical SystemsLocate this document in the navigation structure


The SLD data supplier is configured accordingly.

You have a user assigned to the LcrInstanceWriterLD role.


AS ABAP technical systems are registered in the SLD server automatically. If automatic registration is not possible, you have to create the new AS ABAP technical systems manually.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Home Next navigation step Technical Systems End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose New Technical System .

  3. Select the AS ABAP radio button. The appropriate sequence of steps is loaded.

  4. Choose Next .

  5. Enter system details. All fields marked with asterisk are compulsory.

  6. Choose Next .

  7. Enter message server and central application server details.

  8. Choose Next .

  9. If you want to define additional application servers, choose Add Application Server , enter the host name and instance number.


    You can skip this step if you do not need an additional application server.

  10. Choose Next .

  11. To add at least one ABAP client, choose Add New Client , enter client number and client logical name.


    The ABAP client number is required, it must be a three-digit number. The client logical name is optional.

  12. Choose Next .

  13. Select installed software products from the Installed Products by selecting the Installed indicator. Choose Filter On and use the text filter to search for the right product.

    All software components that are part of the selected software products appear in the Installed Software Components list.

  14. Select installed software components from the Installed Software Components by selecting the Installed indicator.

  15. Choose Finish .


You have manually created an AS ABAP technical system.

For more information about how to view technical system details, see Editing Technical Systems .