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Software development, which is globally distributed, requires a conflict-free method of creating names for software objects. Without such a method, different development teams can accidentally use the same name for software objects that have different purposes. If the software objects are then merged in the same runtime environment, this can even disable applications due to a simple naming conflict.

To avoid naming conflicts, SLD provides a name reservation service, also known as a name server, which allows you to reserve names that are globally unique. The underlying principle is the namespace concept. For more information about the namespace concept, see SAP Service Marketplace at http:// . A namespace is defined by a name prefix, which is the leading part of a development object name. For certain object name categories (see Object Name Categories ), a namespace can contain a number of subnamespaces.


You can reserve a namespace prefix for your development on SAP Service Marketplace. This namespace prefix spans a unique namespace for each SAP customer. To use this reserved namespace prefix in a local NWDI system, you have to enter the prefix in the name server of the SLD. You can then use this namespace prefix in the SLD as a prefix for names that are reserved. Thus these names are globally unique. No check is implemented to guarantee that a prefix is really reserved on SAP Service Marketplace. It is the responsibility of the administrator to enter in the SLD only namespace prefixes that have been reserved at SAP.

Additionally, some namespaces use your Internet domain names to be globally unique. The Internet domain name is used in Java package names, for example, . The Internet domain name is unique, and so is the package name that is reserved in the SLD.

Object names must adhere to the following rules:

  • The name corresponds to the syntax of the object name category.

  • The leading parts of a name are exactly the same as the namespace definition (name prefix).

  • The closing asterisk (*) in the name prefix represents all names that belong to this namespace. For example, testcomp belongs to test* .

If you define new development objects within NWDI, the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio provides you with all the namespaces that have already been defined for the relevant object name category. You can then choose an appropriate name prefix and complete the naming of your objects. Subsequently, the NWDI reserves this name for you on the name server.

For more information, see Working with Names and Name Prefixes .