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Managing Business System DetailsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have a user assigned to the LcrInstanceWriterLD role.


After you create a business system, you can change the following details about the business system:

  • Business system role

  • Related integration server

  • Integration server pipeline URL

  • Group

  • Associated technical system

  • Logical system name

  • Installed products.

In addition, you can define a transport target for a business system. A transport target is a business system to which the source business system transports content. By means of transport targets, SAP NetWeaver Process Integration content is transported between different groups of business systems.


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  2. From the table with business systems, select the business system whose details you want to change.

    If You Want To


    Change the general settings of the business system

    1. Choose the General tab.

    2. Change the details you want.

    3. Choose Save .

    Change the following business system details:

    • Role

    • Related Integration Server

    • Group

    • Technical System

    • Logical System Name

    1. Choose the Integration tab.

    2. Change the details you want.


      For a business system, which is associated with an AS ABAP technical system, the logical system name is identical with the ABAP client name and you can change it only in the technical systems view (see Technical Systems ).

    3. Choose Save .

    Add or change a transport target

    1. Choose the Transport tab.

    2. Choose Add/Change Target .

    3. From the Group dropdown box, select the group to which you want to add a transport target or whose transport target you want to change.

    4. From the Target dropdown box, select the business system you want.


      You can define only one target system for a business system group. You can define one business system as the transport target for multiple systems from different groups.

    5. Choose OK .

    Change the details about installed products

    1. Choose the Installed Software tab.


      If you do not see any products, you have to add them in the technical systems view (see Technical Systems ).

    2. Select the Installed indicator next to the software products that are installed and deselect it next to the software products that are not installed.

      On the right, all software components that are part of the selected software products appear.

    3. Choose Save .