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A landscape represents a logical, complex unit that consists of multiple, distributed components. Some of these components may be systems; others may be services, installed products, or other managed elements.

SLD offers the following types of landscapes:

  • Administration

    A system landscape that is created for administration purposes, for example, for common monitoring.

  • General

    A system landscape that can contain all types of application systems.

  • NWDI Systems

    A system landscape that contains servers of the NWDI. The NWDI consists of a local client - the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and some logical servers for processes like source management, build tasks, transport, and name reservation. All servers work together and require a common user base together with the IDE.

  • Scenarios

    A system landscape that is created for a specific business scenario. Scenario landscapes are used in the Software Lifecycle Manager of SAP NetWeaver.

  • Transports

    A system landscape that is created for transport purposes. For example, all SAP Web AS systems that are connected by an ABAP transport path distributing the ABAP development.

  • Web Services

    A system landscape that is created to collect systems offering Web services and their clients. The hierarchy of these landscapes defines the Web service that is most appropriate for a given client.

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