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Performing Regular Administrative TasksLocate this document in the navigation structure


You must perform certain administrative tasks regularly to make sure that the SLD is working properly.


You have a user assigned to the LcrAdministrator role.


Updating the Software Catalog

For more information, see Updating the Software Catalog .

Exporting and Backing Up Your SLD Information

All SLD data is stored in the Java EE database and is therefore automatically backed up during the database backup. However, from time to time, especially before installing updates, you may want to create SLD-specific data backups.

For more information, see Exporting and Backing Up Your SLD Information .

Synchronizing the SLD Content

If you have a landscape with several SLDs, you have to make sure that their content is correctly synchronized.

For more information, see Synchronizing SLD Content .

Viewing Logs

During a system process, the SLD server logs relevant information for monitoring purposes.

For more information, see Viewing Logs .

Cleaning Up Data

The data supplier programs report data about the systems in your landscape to the SLD. When a system no longer exists in your landscape, you have to clean up this data manually in the SLD.

More information: Cleaning Up Data .

Creating System Messages

You can create an informational system message, which will be seen by every user who logs on to the SLD.

For more information, see Creating System Messages .

Maintaining SLD Content at CIM Instance Level

For more information, see Maintaining SLD Content at CIM Instance Level .

Using Namespaces to Test Data

For more information, see Using Namespaces to Test Data .