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The SLD ABAP data supplier collects and sends data about the current AS ABAP system to the SLD. To collect this data, the ABAP data supplier uses data collection programs.


You can modify data collection programs only for AS ABAP. For AS Java it is a fixed list.

The following table shows the type of data that is provided by the ABAP data collection programs that are available:

Data Collection Program

System Element for Which Data Is Provided


Application servers/instances


SAP system








RFC gateway


HTTP port


Installed software components


Installed support packages


Network services




SAP message server


Compound System


RFC destinations (deactivated by default)


If you want to create additional information about RFC destinations in the SLD, you can activate this data collection program.


CIM associations between generated objects


Do not deactivate any of the data collection programs without consulting SAP.

You can set a time interval for collecting data about the current system. For more information, see Setting Up the SLD Data Supplier for AS ABAP Based Systems .