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Information About the SLD Data Supplier Service in SAP NetWeaver AdministratorLocate this document in the navigation structure


  1. In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, navigate to Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step SLD Data Supplier Configuration End of the navigation path. You can find there information about the status of the last data transfer.

  2. Navigate to the destination maintenance to check the connect parameters in HTTP Destination SLD_DataSupplier .

    On the Information tab page, the following fields are displayed:



    Used URL [http host:port]

    Connection data (except the SLD AS Java user password) of the last transfer.

    Send Time

    Indicates the date and time of the last data transfer.

    Automatic Send

    Indicates whether the displayed transfer attempt was a manual attempt ( Manual ) or an automatic one ( Automatic (Time Scheduled) ).


    Indicates for each send attempt whether the data has been transferred to the SLD correctly ( true ) or not ( false ).

    Next Automatic Send time

    Indicates when the next automatic transfer from a node of the AS Java cluster will start.

    For more information, see SLD Data Supplier Service Properties .